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Express Delivery
Express Delivery of STPs.
It is likely that you need a STP, the ECOBIOPACK,  in a hurry because somehow it got left out during planning or you need to replace your existing STP for a better, more modern and updated one like the NAIK ENVIRO's ECOBIOPACK. Naik Environmental Engineers Pvt. Ltd. can help you out here.

NAIK ENVIRO keeps a few STPs of standard and most common capacities in ready stock for Express Delivery, just for such situations.
Talk to our Business Development Associates on +91-22-65143360 or +91-22-65144625. You can also write to expressdelivery@naikenviro.co.in. You may just be lucky.

Naik Environmental Engineers Pvt. Ltd., was founded by Dr. Shirish S. Naik with a keen desire to give concrete shape to his vision of bringing about a complete metamorphosis of fundamental concept of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. A waste water treatment plant is always viewed as a facility to be concealed in a remote corner and tucked away out of sight from the areas of development and habitation. Sprawling space requirements, intensive electricity input, sound and odour generation are by default the undesirable (and unfortunately considered inevitable) features of commonly used waste water treatment technologies. Over a time span of nearly two decades, NAIK ENVIRO has succeeded in radically changing the very appearance, ergonomics, function and the operation of the waste water treatment plants into a very elegant, soundless, odourless, energy efficient system with a very simple user interface. The product was called ECOBIOPACK, ECO because it is eco-friendly, BIO- for biological treatment being the core of the system and PACK signifying its Package concept.
The track record of NAIK ENVIRO itself speaks volumes on the fundamentally different and innovative approach that they have dared and ventured to adopt to effectively metamorphose waste water treatment systems. Their concerted effort in deviating from the beaten track has earned them a patent for the compact waste water recycling system. It has taken many years of successful demonstration for gaining wide acceptance of the technology as it was difficult for the customers to believe that a wastewater treatment plant could be so compact and elegant and yet effective and energy-efficient. The fruits of the concerted effort over the years are indeed very sweet and now the ECOBIOPACK finds itself in a niche market.
The latest addition to NAIK ENVIRO's repertoire is the compact aerobic COMPOSTER or Organic Waste Converter for Municipal and household solids wastes or garbage. The product called ECOBIOCOMPACK is a powerful tool to enable complete de-centralization of Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM). The ECOBIOCOMPACK has a sturdy mascerator and a composting vessel that operates with the minimum of electricity inputs. The product has the potential to fit into individual buildings as well as in clusters and districts. It has the capability to eliminate the unsightly and hazardous garbage carriers cluttering the arteries of cities. The quantum of fuel savings accruing from such a decentralized management of MSW would be sufficient to run a massive thermal power plant and also substitute artificial fertilizers in agriculture.
NAIK ENVIRO wishes to share their rich hands-on experience in Water and Solid Waste management and training is one of their core areas of interest. While there are standard training packages for Managers, Engineers and Technicians, training workshops could be customized to the needs of corporate and public sector enterprises. The key feature of NAIK ENVIRO's Training workshops is their interactive nature. Webinars and distant learning packages are the need of the hour and NAIK ENVIRO has the necessary expertise to deliver these.
Founded and mentored by Dr. Shirish S. Naik a former faculty of Environmental Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai , the Naik Enviro Group consists of a multi-disciplinary team of enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals and technicians.
NAIK ENVIRO has its own manufacturing facility equipped with latest machinery and production techniques. Almost the entire production of packaged treatment plant is carried out in NAIK ENVIRO Works, Navi Mumbai.
A well equipped R&D lab supports continuing studies on existing installations and pilot studies on innovative technologies. An relentless and unending zeal for sustained improvement, invention and innovation has improved and refined NAIK ENVIRO products by leap and bounds and placed them far ahead of competing products in terms of ultra small footprint, extremely low energy input, low sound, hygienic environs.
NAIK ENVIRO  has expanded its presence not only in India but also in Middle East countries, Sri Lanka, Belarus, African countries and even in the Netherlands and the US.   NAIK ENVIRO's Business Development and service networks and visibility and reputation is rapidly spreading to pan across the globe.
NAIK ENVIRO's Social Dimension:
Only 3% of the total water on planet Earth is potable and the resource is depleting fast. Cost effective waste water treatment and reuse/recycle is the way to preserve and conserve this valuable resource and preventing it from transcending the limit of affordability by the common man . We owe it to our future generations to come together and make technology available and affordable to one and all.

The present situation however, is a definite cause for grave concern. Sewage treatment yet remains an unaffordable necessity to economically weaker communities. Lack of proper sewage disposal facilities coupled with acute water shortage is a common scenario in rural areas in Afro-Asian countries. the provision of simple and affordable sewage treatment facilities with recovery of water for agriculture and other uses jointly addresses both the above issues.
The NAIK ENVIRO Group provides free service to communities in guiding the overall water cycle management through rain water harvesting and the provision of simple water and sewage treatment systems by harnessing local skills and materials. The use of natural treatment systems, biogas plants using night soil, dung and garbage with power generation, provision of simple composting toilets, etc., can play a key role in alleviating the grave issue of rural sanitation.

NAIK ENVIRO invites the association of NGOs, social and rural funding organizations in its endeavour.
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